magine that you are about to be born and you see the Earth from the outside, a ridiculous spot hidden in the immensity of the Universe, that spot will become your home, all those who you will love are in that spot, but also, the ones you will hate.



Everything you have decided to be, your personal play, will be staged in that insignificant speck of stardust.
Your gender, your race, your name, your last name, your profession, your social status will be the great temporary lie that will be represented in that little blue dot. Also, your love and your fear, your successes and failures, your passions and aversions, your continence and your lust will be dramatized in that floating blade of a corner of the Universe. Everyone that you will love and hate are already there, waiting for you. Also, the ones that you will hurt and the ones who are going to hurt you. Everything is already organized, your moment of glory, as well as failure.
You are about to be born and you know that the experiences that you are going to have are not something random, you know that your vibration establishes your experiences, that your resentments and hatreds establish the vibration of your life’s energy. You are about to be born, in a hospital in Wuhan, Bergamo, Madrid, Minneapolis or Lima, it doesn’t matter. You are about to be born and you look around you. You see scared people wearing face masks, you see panic on the faces of the sick, and on the faces of the doctors and nurses, you see much tiredness. You see infected people connected to ventilators even though others are dying waiting for one. You are about to be born, but you can decide not to. It is your free will. You raise your quantum gaze and you see hellish fires in the Amazon and Australia, you see floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, and heat and cold waves. You see erosion, extinction of animal and plant species. You see a hole in the Earth’s atmosphere that humans call the ozone layer, you see the poles melting and famine of biblical proportions.
You can still decide to not be born, there is no judgment of where you come from, you know that there is no male and vengeful God to judge you. You know it and keep watching.
You see millions of human beings fleeing stupid wars, you see children drowning in the Mediterranean trying to reach what they believe is the promised land. You see that some come to an area where there are huge fences with blades that cut as much as indifference, and which they call concertinas. At that moment you understand the masks, humans do not wear them due to the fear of the virus, it is because of the stench of their own wormy, wired and mined heart of resentments and rejections. You may not be born. No one will judge you if you are not born, you have already lived so many times that no one will deceive you with the idea of ​​the male, moron and bastard god who will punish you if you do not bow your head and give your tithe. You may not be born, you may not do it, but you choose to be born. You decide to go back. “I’m not afraid”- you say, and the time has come to get out of my mental prison without bars. The time has come to wake up. 
Then you are born again. In Wuhan, Bergamo, Madrid, Minneapolis or Lima, it doesn’t matter. You are born intuitively knowing that I am you, and that you are me, that we are both part of a unit, that we are different expressions of the same consciousness having different experiences, that you have a different perspective than mine but that we are part of the same Divine Mind, nothing else, just that. You understand that in order to antagonize and govern us they have divided us into religions, races and nations, when you understand that is when your world changes, because you wake up and change.
You are watching this video —even though your brain is yelling at you that it’s not true— because there is a part of you that knows, intuitively, that everything I say is true and you are curious about it. A part of you knows that you are more than a physical body. There is a part of you that tells you enough is enough. A part of you has already fallen to its knees, giving up and groaning that there has to be another way, that life cannot be this. You lie broken between the bars of your mental prison without bars, tired of being sick all the time, on the last days of your divorce, fed up with being poor or that your family drives you crazy with their meddling. It is at this moment, when everything that gives meaning to your life collapses and you are ready to learn, that the true journey called life begins and the game starts. You start filtering life with new eyes because, for the first time, you glimpse the bars of your prison. This is where your awakening begins. Then you understand. You understand that for your family to intrude, there has to be an aspect, inside your mind that intrudes all the time. You understand that to solve your poverty, you must find the beggar who already lives within you. You understand that your divorce is not someone else abandoning you, you have abandoned yourself a long time ago. You understand that your illnesses are the grudges or resentments that infest your mind that you do not want to recognize.
You understand that you will only get over your disgust for gays when you stop hiding the gay inside you.
Quantumly you were waiting for this video some time ago. You chose this video because the teachings we share here are the most appropriate for your level of understanding. There is no mistake in this. You didn’t come here by chance. 
This channel has been created to free you from your mental prison without bars, whatever prison you may live in. You must know that your prison is very real because your jailer is a part of yourself called ego. And there is no worse jailer than your own ego. You must lose the fear of getting out of your mental prison, but each time you take a step to free yourself, your brain will tell you that it is not possible, that it’s not the logical way, it will sabotage every step you take to achieve your freedom. The brain is intelligence and fears learned. To be free, you will need to connect with the innate wisdom that lies in your heart. The heart gives you freedom without fear. The brain intelligence locked between bars. Your head will say “no”, to be careful, pay attention to the government, to health organizations, but your heart will make you feel that they are taking you for an idiot.
The most dangerous thing for the system is that you open your heart and use your innate wisdom because the more in conflict we are with each other, the more fearful we are of each other, the more we shout and fight with each other; the more locked we will be in our prison without bars. The system needs you to be afraid, to use violence, even to liberate yourself, and to live in your mental prison of the five senses convinced that out of your race, sex, culture and your religion is the best and you must defend it. When you use your heart and your innate wisdom, you lose your fear and understand that your race, sex, culture or religion are just experiences and at that moment everything expands because the heart expands. And when you expand your consciousness, when you leave your mental prison without bars, the world will never be the same again. 

Prison without bars