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Theo is a unique and extraordinary being who has Asperger’s Syndrome but possesses within himself the original purity of a human being. He translates the message of the whales and takes dangerous risks because The Elite is constituted of the twenty most powerful famalies in the world who try to stop him using all the means posible to safeguard their decaying power. Theo and the scientists are protected by The Warriors of Light. The message ends up being spread to all humanity by the most bright and intelligent hackers on the planet who did the imposible to guarantee the best and rapid diffusion causing comotion but are once again silenced by the treacherous ways of The Elite who are trying to interfere with the transition of the message.


At the beginning of the year 2010, a scientific event that went unnoticed by the international scientific community was acknowledged by the astrophysicist Lucía Ferrer: The explosions of the gamma rays. Lucia Ferrer asked CERN for authorization to research the Topic. An apparently common procedure in any scientific research revealed a series of terrible events. The astrophysicist discovered that the explosions of the gamma rays are connected to the movement of the magnetic north of the earth of more than sixty kilometres and when she tried to investigate deeper into the subject her research was boycotted by members of a powerful group. Furthermore the person who she thinks is her beloved boyfriend is in fact an agent who belongs to a group who has dark intentions.
Parallel in New York the SEAT (Society of illumination and transformation) invite the Peruvian witchdoctor Kay to give a conference about “The Spiritual Origin of Whales” During the speech the witchdoctor revealed the fundamental role that whales and dolphins play in supporting mother nature or like he says “Pachamama” and more importantly he talked about the appearance of an exceptional being who processes human purity and whose mission is to figure out the message that the whales – in their condition of libraries of the earth- should transmit to humanity.


On his return to Peru, Kay the witchdoctor is on the verge of being eliminated by agents of the same organization that boycotted Lucía Ferrer. He is saved at the last minute by Zack Synder, an ex-agent of an elite group who now belongs to a spiritual group known as the warriors of light whose one and only mission is to protect Kay the witchdoctor.
As Lucía Ferrer continues her research alone she discovers that the only people interested in the movement of the magnetic north are a handful of marine biologists because the movement is causing havoc among some marine populations. Especially between the whales.
Amongst the biologists there is a cytologist from New Zealand by the name of Jack Gray who works in Hermanaus, a city in the Cape. He stands out from the rest and is considered to be an outcast in the International Scientific Community.



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Pulling their strength together and in a short time the biologists discover that the structure of the whale call is as complex as in any other language. They publish an article titled “The Hidden Language of the Whales” Their work is immediately silenced by the dark power of the Elite and they are converted in to the laughing stock of the scientific society.

However, the president of the SEAT, Lizue Zhang, a mysterious oriental woman with great influences and power contacts them in secret and invites them to continue their research unofficially in Alaska on a boat named “Tomorrow” in which Theo, the being with extraordinary purity who Kay prophesied in a conference in New York will also embark.

The ancient power struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness is served in the pages of “Suspicious of God”

Acerca del Autor

Carlos siempre tuvo la sensación de que su vida iba a estar marcada por una búsqueda que en ese momento no sabía cuál era. Después de terminar la escuela, se matriculó en la universidad, en la carrera de Economía. Abandonó la carrera a mitad de camino. Se dio cuenta de que se estaba engañando a sí mismo. «Me gusta la economía. Pero no soy apasionado, no me hace soñar”, se dijo. Si sigo este camino, seré un buen economista pero nunca seré un creador. Esa última frase resonó en su cabeza: “Si haces lo que te gusta, estás creando, si no estás obedeciendo”.